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Researcher Believes He Knows The Location Of The Ark Of The Convenant
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Secret for the Century

In a bleak future where the Naarym child army has crushed nearly the entire world, can young Karmi help a secret government agency find the long-lost Ark of the Covenant, and unlock the ancient mysteries that can save humanity before it’s too late?

Try to imagine that the secret location of a most precious and powerful thing was finally unearthed: a relic which has sat silently, hidden from mankind for over 2,700 years. How far would you go knowing that in your hands it could possess the power to bring everlasting world peace and a new world order, but that in the wrong hands it could possess the power to incite horrific warfare such as the world has never known?

Mixing a stirring sci-fi storyline spanning generations, ancient symbols and texts, and real-life interviews with today’s most reputable authorities in archaeology, law, politics, and religion, this unique feature film (short) exposes a novel theory as to the approximate location of the Ark, and the sometimes bizarre obstacles which have prohibited serious exploration for years.

Take a journey and discover for yourself why so many are willing to dedicate their lives to recover this historical treasure once and for all. Let The A.R.K. Report unveil how the Ark of the Covenant is so much more than a perpetual curiosity, and how it just might play a part in the final destination for all.

This compelling story is based on true events and the academic white paper of the same name by Canadian research analyst, Harry Moskoff.


About the Production Team

Associate Producers: Sheila Anne and Jim Long

Director and DoP: Shmuel Hoffman

Creative Director: Asher Crispe

Lead Actress playing Karmi: Katy Castaldi

Lead Actor playing Roth: Pascal Yen-Pfister

Supporting Actress playing Teema: Ayden Crispe

At MOSKOFF-MEDIA (Israel), our first goal is to produce high-quality
audiovisual materials that highlight the most intriguing relics and
sites found in the Middle East, exploring their secrets and
comprehensively explaining their significance within the context of
the current world stage. We are one of the only media companies in the
region that have a foundation in academic research that provides a
back up to all the productions we sponsor. According to Executive
Producer Hirschel Moskoff, our second, but no less important goal, is
to produce works that will not only inform and entertain, but will
influence the realm of public opinion.

Shmuel Hoffman- HOFFMAN PRODUCTIONS– a video & media production
company specialized in viral online and advertising videos produced
with an artistic and creative heart and eye.


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